Corpus Linguistics in the South (CLS) run a series of free, bi-annual conferences on corpus linguistics. The 16th CLS conference will be held at the University of Sussex, in Brighton, with the theme:

‘Quantifying Concepts in Corpus Linguistics’

Corpus approaches to meaning have often operated at the level of the word. For example, early corpus linguistic research examined the meanings of words, via frequencies of co-occurring words. What happens when researchers shift the focus from the word to the concepts? How do we operationalise concepts? How do we quantify concepts? How do we compare conceptual content between two datasets? Quantitative approaches to to concepts go beyond focussing on frequency counts and encompasses all stages of operationalising concepts in corpus linguistics from the working definitions of concepts to the visualisation of conceptual content.

In the vein of the theme of this CLS meeting there will be a plenary talk from the Linguistic DNA project by Dr Seth Mehl. The Linguistic DNA team has been working to map semantics and concepts in the very large historical data set of Early English Books Online (specifically, EEBO-TCP).

This is a free event, but registration is required. You can register for tickets here .

For further information please contact Dr Justyna Robinson justyna.robinson@sussex.ac.uk.